Forhand Volley

Forhand Volley

* Both photos: sampras has just landed from his split. His head is up and his body weight is leaning forward. He is taking a wide split-step to make an aggressive move to the ball. * Both photos: Sampras starts the split-step well behind the service line. This is due to how quickly his serve gets to his opponent. You begin the split-step as your opponent is making contact.








* Both photos: Sampras has now recognized the ball is an starts initial preparation. The ball is hit directly at him so he is stepping to the side in order to take the ball with his forehand volley. * Right photo: sampras displays early racquet preparation on this shot, which is coming at him with a significant amount of pace.






* Both photos: The elbow is slightly bent as he prepares to hit. Sampras starts to turn his upper body and is now aggressively moving toward the ball with his feet. * Left photo: Sampras is preparing to hit a high volley. Notice the racquet head is well above the wrist and at eye level. * Right photo: He is preparing for a low volley. The racquet head is lower- approximately waist height.





* Both photos: Although he has turned his upper body slightly to the side, his hips and legs are facing the net. The racquet preparation is simple: out in front of the body with minimal backswing. Notice how agressively he is moving the ball. This enables him to get into a position that requires minimum racquet work. * Right photo: Sampras is bending at the knees to get down to the low volley.






* Both photos: Notice the great dynamic balance! The non-dominate arm is reaching out to the side to help maintain his balance. Sampras’ head remains in perfect position, up and pointed in the direction of the hit. * Left photo: Sampras’ racquet head is up high and out in front of the body. * Right photo: He has dropped the racquet head below the wrist along with bending at the knees in order to “get down” to the ball.







* Both photos: The ball is contacted out in front. The racquet head remains in perfect position, up and pointed toward the contact point. * Right photo: Notice the excellent dynamic balance and racquet control on this low volley as he moves aggressively toward the shot.






* Both photos: even after contact SAmpras is still controling the racquet face and his balance. The non-dominate arm is to the side. * Right photo: This is a classic case of a player using his feet to aggressively move to the ball. Look at Sampras’ forward momentum after contact. * Left photo: Sampras is finishing off a relatively easy high volley in classic style.