Ryan Malawy – UC San Diego
Patrick Buchanan – Notre Dame University
Jakub Pietrowski – Notre Dame University
Jack Li – Harvard University
Martel Campbell – LSU
Wesley Burrows – UNLV
Shimpei Suzuki – UCI
Jonathan Noguchi – Stanford University
Eddie Weiss – UC Santa Barbara
Clifford Yook – Chapman University


Melissa Esmero -USC
Adriana Hockicko -Cal State Fullerton
Kim Tran -UC Riverside
Mary Houng -UC San Diego
Carissa Aboubakare – Brown University
Bianca Aboubakare – Brown University
Courtney Pattugalan -UC Riverside
Krista McIntosh – UC Santa Barbara
Tiffany Mai – Cal State Fullerton
Joanna Pattugalan – Air Force Academy
Brook Bartlet – UCI
Judy Esmero – Long Beach State

High School and Junior Players

Max Cancilla
Parker Glore
Kevin Young
Markus Doehler
Stefan Doehler
Andrew Nguye
Alice Knoy
Jeff Whitaker
Christina Son
Brittany Pham
Nam Pham
Thao Pham
Kevin Young

Some of the above listed players won one or many of the following titles: National Championship, Sectional Championship, CIF Championship as well have been recipient of Sportsmanship Awards on National and Sectional level.
Many, many not listed above players had played varsity tennis and have master a sport for a lifetime.